Data Storage

Business users these days need constant access to their data as well as being able to access shared resources across the organisation from anywhere. 

Northway can help design a data storage solution that is suited to your business needs. If we can learn anything from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 it’s that flexibility is key to enable a business to run smoothly and efficiently. Therefore technical solutions need to be put in place to accomodate all of your business needs. 

Data storage options available:

  • Sharepoint - Utilising Microsoft 365 services we can provide secure cloud hosting for your data. Enabling users to access data across all of their devices at any time from any location. Not only does this provide easy access to your data but it also enables multiple users to access the data at once with full revision history. 
  • Local NAS drives. - Northway favour the QNAP range of business class NAS (network attached storage) solutions. Providing onsite access to data with various options available for a RAID configuration of multiple drives giving you true flexibility for speed or resilience. Our sales team will work with you to determine the best configuration. While this is an on-site solution access can also be given for remote access.
  • Private cloud NAS - Northway can host a dedicated NAS solution in one of its colo data centres. By providing carrier grade access and reliability your data will always be available with built in resilience. If you have bespoke requirements linked to your own intranet systems this may be the solution for you.