Dedicated hosting - Unmanaged

Our delivery has been constructed around client confidence in our ability to serve ourselves with a robust and well-designed infrastructure centred around both professionalism and duty of care. 

We regularly found our larger customers would be keen that Northway share what we were doing for ourselves to let them benefit from it also. This occasionally plugged a resource gap or was simply a factor that we had an existing client’s intranet/WAN connectivity running alongside our own hosting locations. So much so that it was good sense to be choosing us as we were so ideally placed. The infrastructure is centred around our dedicated co-location space in two midlands data centres that are thirty minutes of travelling time from our main offices. Connectivity of our primary site conveys Internet traffic to London and Manchester and the data centre architecture is aligned to tier-4 of the Uptime Institute’s classification model.

Our turnkey delivery is based on Linux with the use of a hypervisor by default at all service levels. This provides an enhanced set of functions for both business continuity by way of data backup/archival needs and for in-place hardware changes as time goes by and when refresh/renewals are taking place.

There are three main categories of service that we provide.

1. Single tenant Dedicated

Offering best value for the available performance, this Single tenant Dedicated option serves all but the intensively demanding of platform needs. The chassis performance is designed around a powerful server within three years of the most current hardware available.

2. Multi-tenant Shared

Heavily favouring fast single and multiple instances for proof-of-concepts and rapid developments that lead to either or a combination of the other two options. The Multi-tenant Shared option is designed to be within five years of the most current hardware available. Consumable components are phased-out on a shorter preventative maintenance service interval.

3. Bare metal hosting

This option is the clear winner for all but the apparent investment cost. With the popularity of this service being evidently for peak trading and other seasonal usage. The economics of the short contracts available keep the figures very effectively controlled.

Moreover, the hardware is highly current ‘same year’ and geared towards the advanced computing end for workloads. In all but the exacting requirements we can turn this on for you very quickly from ‘warm stock’. Bare metal hosting can also be reserved and scheduled against your forecasted trading pattern. The minimum contract period is one month with the means to archive to the other service offerings. Where suitable space is part of those associated services.