VoIP numbers

With our incoming numbers you can make sure that customers reach you where ever you are in the world. We can either route your number to a Northway Hosted PBX, a free VoIP account or forward the number to any mobile or BT landline.


Northway can port your phone number from your current provider. We can then route your number to any location you require. Avoiding the expense of letting all your customers know you have changed your number.

Gold Numbers

Select from our range of memorable geographic and non-geographic numbers for the perfect inbound number for your business.

Geographic Numbers

With a geographic number from Northway you can receive calls from anywhere and answer them anywhere in the world. You’ll receive a virtual geographic number for use with your Northway PBX enabling callers to contact you. All you pay is the cost of the number, there are no additional costs to you or to the caller. E.g. Have a Cheltenham area code land on an extension in your holiday home in Spain.

Freephone 0800 Numbers

An 0800 number is a UK Freephone number. This number is free for the caller to dial (cost may vary depending in the type of line they are calling from). Simply pay a setup fee plus a fixed monthly charge. Incoming calls are also charged on a per second basis.

0844 Non-Geographic Numbers

With an 0844 number from Northway you may benefit from a share of revenue from calls that you receive. You can maintain a UK presence no matter where you are located. 0844 numbers are randomly generated.

International Numbers

Northway can provide landline telephone numbers from one of 26 European countries and 18 countries worldwide. This number is charged to the caller at the same rate as a landline call to that country (depending on the type of line they are calling from).

International numbers can be configured to route to your Northway PBX. Please note legal restrictions may apply in some countries where proof of address may be required.